what do you call a sphere full of idiots


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what’s the point anymore?

im nothing but a fat ugly piece of shit


gained a good 5 - 10 pounds this week and i actually want to jump in front of a train right now :’(


one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 

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i dont want homeland to finish, what am i going to watch? what am i going to look forward to watching? ugh i just love this show. i need season 3 -__-

shit day

i hope i dont wake up tomorrow 

Anonymous: I know that you don't just ask people this, but how much DO you weigh?


i am so fat and need to stop but i cant :(


me in a nutshell:

  • my weight is unacceptable
  • my body is repulsive
  • the amount i eat is appalling 

this constant overeating has to stop tomorrow.

fuck life :(

extreme bloating

extreme fattness

extreme ugliness

extreme depression

the fact that my body is back up to the disgusting weight and look it used to be when i was fat makes me want to kill myself